Guilty Corporations

Reprehensible. Disgusting. On the advice of a Facebookend (Facebook + friend), I am working now to compile a list of the companies who allegedly encourage, promote, neglect to address, and have no protection against discriminating against recovering patients of cancer in the workplace.

From petty, hurtful comments about hair and weight loss, even up to termination, some patients experience the most brutal social effects even after they think the worst battle is over.

OK CONCRETE- TX- 2012- fired driver after just hours when he notified them of his cancer:*

NSPC: NEUROLGICAL SURGERY P.C.- LI, NY- 2014 – harrassed and fired after six years of employment for having cancer and taking time to treat the illness: *

ROSEBUD RESTAURANT- IL- 2014- 19yr-old fired without empathy for taking time off to undergo needed surgery for cancer: *

GEORGE VISNICH, JR. DMD- PA- 2014- fired 12-year employee upon her diagnosis of cancer: *

NEW YORK UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER- NYC- 2012- fired 38-year employee

JOANN’S- WA- 2012- fired employee of over 20 years: *

TUESDAY MORNING- 2012- fired 12-year CEO: *

PROSKAUER ROSE- NYC- 2011- fired 16-year veteran CFO, cited here: *

CONTINENTAL ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION, USA- 2009- harassed and fired worker in relation to his illness, cite here: *

LA WORLD AIRPORTS- CA, USA- 2011- terminated consultant’s work while she underwent cancer treatment, cited here: *

SENTARA NORTHERN VIRGINIA MEDICAL CENTER- 2009- fired woman during her leave for breast cancer treatment an surgery, cited here: *

STATE ATTY’S OFFICE- WEST PALM BEACH- FL- 2009- “terminated because she was sick”- woman while she was working and undergoing cancer treatment, cited here: *

KAISER HOSPITAL- USA- 2012- severely harassed woman surviving cancer to the point of demotion and forced transfer, cited here: *

* Not proven fact, but allegations printed publicly in referenced articles


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