Love My Breasts

My two breasts are perfect
I look down and reflect

So round and full, soft and smooth
As they sway to their own groove

No longer quite erect,
Yet their beauty I respect

They are healthy, they are strong
No matter what comes along

Bleak worries I deflect
Criticisim I reject

I’ll never need an upgrade
I refuse to be afraid.



I find myself terrorized sometimes, viscerally fearful of cancer.  I have to admit, I am afraid of getting cancer.  Whether of the breast or other.  I am sure others of you are as well.  How can we not be?  It is everywhere.  Statistics show us in a very tight spot.  Conspiracy theories abound, and I don’t have a preference, but I find it hard to believe the Cancer terrorism does not have a face behind it somewhere.

SO…. what do I do?  Face my fear and write it out here.  Write a poem against it as if I am casting a spell of protection around myself.  I wish it were that simple.

I just realized that I can’t keep lying to myself that I am NOT afraid.  Because I am.  Getting a mammogram – once I have done it since my mother’s initial diagnosis- and it was far too emotionally gutting for me.  I can’t bring myself to do it again.  And I know, I know that I should.

SO… instead, I write a poem.  Maybe it will make someone smile somewhere or feel strong- even if it’s false or temporary.  Everything is temporary, anyway… even pain.




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