Job Termination Leads to Termination of Life, Studies Show

New York University Medical Center killed my mother.
An employee of 38 years, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and NYUMC fired her.
Within just three months, the cancer metastasized into her liver. Within three more months, she was gone.
Studies show how critical employment status is for survivors of such a battle. Imagine loyally giving 38 years of your life to an employer to have them take away all for which you worked… for reasons completely out of your control.

“In a very real sense, unemployment kills: a 2009 study…” shows that “…displaced workers can also experience higher rates of mortality…”
Recent studies show that cancer survivors suffer greater risk of not working. Consequently, income decreases and thus quality of life decreases, and ultimately life itself is gone.
Stress has real, tangible effects on our metabolic systems.” April 2014 – Michelle Williams, Stephen B. Kay Family Professor of Public Health and chair of the Department of Epidemiology at HSPH, discusses the connections between stress, human biology, and financial constraints.
“All of this serves as a strong reminder that losing one’s job can be a trauma — for both body and mind, and one that may have lasting effects.”,8599,1896986,00.html
“Getting fired also has devastating psychological effects on self-esteem, since many workers view jobs as an extension of their identities…Losing a job wears people down mentally and physically, as many studies have documented.” IMAGINE the effects after 38 years with the same employer.
“Psychologists and sociologists have argued from as far back as the Great Depression that unemployment damages emotional health, according to the American Psychological Association. A 1985 study by M.W. Linn et al. found that symptoms of somatization, depression and anxiety were significantly greater in the unemployed than in the employed.”
“The most blatant form of job discrimination, being fired because of a cancer diagnosis, was reported in 27% of the participants.”
“Retaining one’s employment status has obvious financial benefits and is often also necessary for health insurance coverage, self-esteem, and social support (Voelker, 1999; Spelten et al., 2002).”
Studies clearly show that employment status has a direct correlation to life expectancy: “The largest differences in life expectancy were between employment categories.”


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